Vibratory characteristics of selected pathological female and male vocal folds. Evidence from HSDI

Chapter 15

  • Kartini Ahmad
  • Yuling Yan
  • Diane M. Bless
Keywords: HSDI, vocal cord vibration, glottal area waveform, female voice


Laryngeal images obtained from HSDI of pathological voices were examined with customized software that delineated glottal edges and used the Hilbert transform based method of analysis to provide objective quantification of glottal perturbation; transformed glottal cycles provided visual patterns on the overall vibratory dynamics. Vibratory patterns in voice-disordered groups vary with pathology and severity. They may show exaggerated, mixed, or deviant vibratory patterns from the normal speaker patterns. Perturbation levels in moderately to severely pathologic speakers were also above the limits of the young and the majority of elderly speakers.