Arytenoid collision in contact ulcer granuloma formation observed by HSDP

Chapter 16

  • Krzysztof Izdebski
  • Ronald R. Ward
  • Daniel Hartman
  • Yuling Yan
  • Matthew Blanco
Keywords: HSDP, contact ulcer granuloma (CUG), collision off-axis


To understand possible reasons for acquiring contact ulcer granuloma (CUG), its elimination by various procedures, and/or its post-treatment recurrence, we studied CUG using High Speed Digital Phonoscopy (HSDP). HSDP allows detailed observations of the manner in which posterior glottis collides during phonatory onset. Findings suggest that the manner of arytenoid collision (i.e., parallel vs. off-axis) is crucial in causation and elimination of CUG.