Measurement of lesion size and vibratory dynamics characterization in a male child with vocal fold nodules, before & after voice therapy

Chapter 21

  • Rita R. Patel
  • Harikrishnan Unnikrishnan
  • Kevin D. Donohue
Keywords: pediatric high-speed videoendoscopy, VF nodules, lesion size, VF kinematics, voice therapy


It has been estimated that up to 16% of school-age children [1] suffer from voice problems. Long-standing untreated dysphonia can negatively affect children both psychologically and academically. Evaluation of vocal fold (VF) structure and cycle-to-cycle vibratory motion through techniques of direct visualization of the VF is vital for appropriate clinical assessment and measurement of treatment outcomes. In this chapter, we describe the use of high-speed videoendoscopy combined with custom developed laser projection for evaluation of quantitative changes in the lesion size and in the opening and closing phase dynamics of the glottal cycle before and after voice therapy in a child with VF nodules.