What VSK reveals about phonation in Reinke’s edema

Chapter 26

  • Agata Szkiełkowska
  • Beata Miaśkiewicz
  • Paulina Krasnodębska
  • Henryk Skarżyński
Keywords: Reinke’s edema, videostrobokymography, Yonekawa classification, glottal function, open and closed quotients (OQ, CQ)


We evaluated open (OQ) and closed quotients (CQ) of vocal folds (VF) vibratory cycles at three locations (anterior, middle, and posterior glottis) using VSK lines in a cohort of patients with Reinke’s edema (RE). Mean values for OQ were 0.44 at the anterior (a), 0.46 at the middle (m), and 0.52 at posterior (p) locations. The CQ values were 0.56 (a), 0.54 (m), and 0.48 (p), respectively. Results for the whole glottis OQ and CQ were 0.48 and 0.52, respectively. Differences for OQ and CQ measured at each location were significant.