Bamboo vocal folds (B-nodes): Parameterization of vocal folds kinematics using DiagNova software

Chapter 29

  • Marcin Just
  • Krzysztof Izdebski
  • Ekaterina V. Osipenko
  • Natalia M. Kotelnikova
Keywords: B-nodes, bamboo VF, hoarseness, VF deposits, autoimmune diseases, phonotrauma, kymography, spatio-temporal analysis, phonovibrograms, L/R asymmetry, HSDP


We report here on vocal fold (VF) kinematics in one case of the extremely rare VF condition known as “bamboo vocal folds” (B-nodes). Our High Speed Digital Phonoscopy (HSDP) study used the custom made DiagNova processing system to describe the behavior of the VF in this rare case. We believe that this is the first ever HSDP, kymographic, and phonovibrogram study of B-nodes.