Whistle register and M3: A preliminary HSDI investigation by visualization and acoustics in male and female singers

Chapter 31

  • Antonio Di Corcia
  • Franco Fussi
Keywords: laryngeal vibratory mechanism M3, VF, LVS, HSDI, vocal range, whistle register, flute register, hiss register


The purpose of this study was to investigate laryngeal behavior during vocal production of the highest pitched notes of the human vocal range, the so-called whistle register associated with M3 (laryngeal mechanism according to Roubeau’s notion). Observations were carried out using laryngovideostroboscopy (LVS) and High-Speed Digital Imaging (HSDI). Results indicate that at the whistle register, vocal folds (VF) vibration can be significantly reduced with incomplete glottic contact, or it may be absent even with complete glottic contact.