High-speed single line scan: An application in singing pedagogy

Chapter 32

  • Philippe H. Dejonckere
  • Jean Lebacq
  • Leonardo Bocchi
  • Silvia Orlandi
  • Claudia Manfredi
Keywords: messa di voce, high-speed single-line kymography, VKG, wave characteristics, glottal volume velocity


Short-term feedback for relevant physiological parameters of voice production may be very useful in singing pedagogy, particularly for acquiring specific technical skills based on motor control. A typical example is the “messa di voce” exercise. High speed singleline scanning of the vibrating vocal folds (VF) provides visual and quantitative information about the most important biomechanical parameters over time. The present experiment demonstrates how this method, nowadays currently used in voice pathology, can also be a meaningful tool for the classical singer. The condition is, however, that the images can be immediately processed by a reliable and user-friendly automatic analysis program. The validity of the program is demonstrated by a strong correlation with the handmade measurements.