Indications, applications, and limits of NBI® technology in the diagnosis and follow-up of laryngeal cancer

Chapter 44

  • Giorgio Peretti
  • Renzo Mora
  • Cesare Piazza
  • Francesco Mora
Keywords: SCC, NBI®, optical biopsy


Many authors have shown how NBI® plays different roles in the management of laryngeal cancer [1] during preoperative diagnostic work up, in the intra-operative setting, and during post-treatment (i.e., surgery, radiotherapy or chemo- radiotherapy) follow-up.

The most relevant limitation of NBI® is certainly the possibility of generating, at least in the early phase of the learning curve, an increased number of false positives with consequently unjustified biopsies. Introduction of the NBI® system to routine laryngological practice may drastically change diagnostic strategies for early detection of carcinomas in laryngeal lesions and may lead to minimally invasive treatment of laryngeal diseases at an earlier stage than is presently possible.