Bamboo vocal folds (B-Nodes) examination with white light and with NBI® illumination. A case for a non-traumatic etiology

Chapter 46

  • Ekaterina V. Osipenko
  • Krzysztof Izdebski
  • Raul M. Cruz
  • Natalia M. Kotelnikova
Keywords: B-nodes, bamboo VF, hoarseness, VF deposits, autoimmune diseases, NBI®


We report here on vocal fold (VF) appearance in five cases of bilateral mucosal lesions referred to in the literature as “bamboo vocal folds” or as B-nodes. Our study contrasted the WL and the NBI® avascular appearance of these lesions in the VF mucosa. Among other factors, we concluded that B-nodes are unlikely to be caused by VF trauma. Treatment implications are mentioned.