NBI® assessment of premalignant and malignant laryngeal lesions

Chapter 47

  • Anna Rzepakowska
  • Ewelina Sielska-Badurek
Keywords: laryngeal lesions, dysplasia, leukoplakia, non-invasive laryngeal carcinoma, invasive laryngeal carcinoma, NBI®, LVS


The methods of “biological” endoscopy are intensively developing in recent years. The images obtained with these methods display more details of mucosa structure in order to make the clinical diagnosis as most accurate and close to histopathology as possible. Such aim is particularly important in premalignant changes of the larynx mucosa. We present our experience in the assessment of the laryngeal lesions with one “biological” endoscopy method, Narrow Band Imaging (NBI®). Based on the assessment of the appearance of blood vessels within the lesion and in the surrounding mucosa of the larynx with NBI®, we can with high sensitivity determine the risk of high-grade dysplasia or invasive cancer. In addition, NBI® is a useful and more accurate tool than white light (WL) endoscopy in the evaluation of the extent of the laryngeal mucosa, thus providing more precise staging. Also in patients after radiotherapy and post-radiation changes of laryngeal mucosa, the NBI® method appears very promising in the diagnosis of cancer recurrence.