3D video reconstructions of normal and abnormal human vocal folds

Chapter 48

  • Jarosław Sova
  • Joanna Cieszyńska
  • Jarosław Kijewski
  • Paweł Jesikiewicz
Keywords: 3D video reconstruction, VF 3D imaging, LVS, LV, VF kinematics, distance scaling


The aim of this study is to present a 3D digital reconstruction of normal and pathological vocal folds (VF) at rest and during phonation as well as discuss research and clinical applications of this emerging technology. Video recordings of the human glottis were recorded using a newly developed endoscope (ENT Viewer®, Sinutronic, Gdansk, Poland). This system is capable of obtaining images with stroboscopic (LVS) or without stroboscopic (LV) illumination. The LVS and LV images were processed digitally and were processed into a 3D video reconstruction. The 3D video reconstructions of VF kinematics are presented. The images obtained during LV and LVS are compared in a 1:1 scale to the images obtained from such imaging techniques as MRI, CT scans, and 3D prints; dimensions and distance scaling are estimated digitally.