ePhonoscope is the official online interdisciplinary Open Access Journal (OAJ) of the Pacific Voice & Speech Foundation (PVSF) and the World Voice Consortium (WVC).

The journal encompasses all topics related to the fields of voice and speech functions and their disorders, and caters to the needs of the worldwide clinical and research communities by disseminating relevant information to and by the professionals (clinicians, researchers, artists, educators, IT, etc.) in these rapidly growing fields.

Aims & Scope

ePhonoscope copyrights belong to PVSF & WVC, however, once an article is accepted, the copyrights are transferred to the author(s). The journal is published online by the Pacific-World Publishing Group (PWPG) located in San Francisco and La Quinta, CA, USA.

PWPG is dedicated to providing relevant scientific and clinical information through online cloud access to the authors and the readers with a minimal time delay. PWPG provides low publication costs to authors from developing countries.

In the spirit of globalization of scientific and clinical information, ePhonoscope accepts paper submissions in any language, providing the authors provide an English language abstract and provided that these non-English submissions are peer reviewed by the language area editors. Submissions to ePhonoscope are accepted from all practitioners and students from the listed fields.

The target audience includes researchers, physicians, speech-pathologists, phoniatrists, logopeds, music therapists, psychotherapist, nurses, PTs, OTs, local community practitioners, manufacturers, professional voice teachers, pedagogues, coaches, clinical fellows, and students from different parts of the world. ePhonoscope welcomes all types of articles such as original research, reviews, case-reports, mini-reviews, editorials, short-communications, book reviews, opinions, commentaries, letters to the Editor, conference proceedings, technical reports, etc.

In the spirit of innovation, ePhonoscope encourages submissions of audio-visual files to be referenced in the text and viewed via cloud storage.

ePhonoscope welcomes comments or any suggestions from any potential authors to improve the quality of the journal.


PVSF, WVC, or PWPG, including editors and staff cannot be held responsible for errors or any consequences arising from the published information. All materials published in ePhonoscope represent the authors’ views and opinions, and do not reflect inherent views of either PVSF, WVC, or PWPG. Materials published reflect the need for further research, dialogues, and understanding, and are not to be blindly used to recommend, promote, or dictate specific methods, diagnosis, or treatment. Papers discussing specific products, technology, etc. are not intended to promote any specific product and its value. These items are to be promoted by the manufacturer or vendor, and readers are to contact these entities with regard to specific questions of their product(s).